New Creative Technique -CREATIVE ACRONYMS

New Creative Technique- CREATIVE ACRONYMS

As a person who has been involved in creative thinking and it’s essential role in marketing communications, for more than two decadeås, I concluded that we repressed and left it to people we called creatives, in common. Therefore, instead of waiting for “creatives” to come up with a “great idea”, importance of creative thinking and creative techniques should be promoted by ourselves. 

*With a purpose of enlarging creativity in ourselves, I want to share with you a plenty of mine knowledge gained through my work and collaboration experience with marketing and creative agencies and brands. It has been proven as effective in slogans, idea generations and as set of words used in creative process. 



Brand, company or product name convert into an acronym.

For each letter, write as many words as you can remember, and describes brand,




N- naturalize, note, nucleus, nationwide, needed…

I- innovate, inspire, impuls, identity…

K- key, keen, kind, king…

E- element, estetic, empower, ecological…

Then we create sentences, from word sets, which best describes brands and inspire us for further ideas. 


*NIKE: Nucleus – inspiration and key element for…

This Workshop is excellent, because of it’s ability to generate dozens of slogan ideas, creative ideas for concept and promo activities in a short term using blindbrainstorming and Creative Acronym concept.

*Besides Creative Acronym, I also created the workshop concept, for easy understandings of brand concept. I transformed the word BRAND into an acronym and came up with five keywords refers to term, also useful in particular brand analizes.

B. R. A. N. D. *

B- business model 

R- responsibility

A- archetype

N- networking

D- different

*About acronym B.R.A.N.D. is more to come.

This creative technique CREATIVE ACRONYM, I use both in individual and team approach and it supports

 creative thinking and idea making process.

You can implement CREATIVE ACRONYM technique, just after reading this. Where and How?


Turn your name into an acronym.

And generate for each letter a set of words that describe your personality.

You will get set of words and a significant number of sentences consisted of that words which represent your personality the best and introducing yourself to others.


C.R.E.A.T.I.V. E.

community, relevant, empowered, authentic, transform, impuls, value, efficient

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